/What I do

I have more than 15 years of professional experience in telling stories. I’ve worked for print newspapers, news websites, and business intelligence companies. I have done most of the jobs in a newsroom, and I can build powerful, interactive data visualizations. I can use most content-management systems, know how to measure and use site analytics, and am familiar with web programming languages. Additionally, I know how to use user testing to improve site traffic.


  • Award-winning reporter who has written about state-level government and politics in Maryland, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Ohio
  • Supervisory editor for the metro section of The Washington Times and at
  • Adjunct faculty member teaching introduction to newswriting and reporting at George Washington University
  • Freelance editor for government publications and websites


  • Regional homepage editor for The Washington Post, manually curating the content and its presentation for the version of the page targeted to D.C.-area users
  • Led user-centered redesign of
  • Worked with social media accounts for The Washington Post, The Washington Times and
  • Familiar with most major content-management systems
  • Edited and sent email newsletters affiliated with The Washington Post and


  • Experienced data journalist
  • Tableau Desktop 9 Qualified Associate
  • Knows how to read analytics and change web content accordingly
  • Can create infographics, maps and analytics dashboards